Steps to a Successful Driving Test

Steps to a Successful Driving Test

1. Apply for theory test

This can be done by either calling low call 1890 606 106 for English or 1890 606 806 for Irish. You can book online here
More detailed information can be found about the test and information for study support here.

2. Apply for your learner permit

Your first port of call is here the application form can be obtained from any local Garda station or Library. Further information can be gained from your local county or city web site for example

Remember a learner permit application form can not be downloaded from the web. When you apply be sure to include

* Proof of your identity. This could include you’re:
* Original birth certificate.
* Original passport.
* Original certificate of registration from the Garda National Immigration Bureau.
* Two identical recent passport type photos, signed by you on the reverse.
* A cheque or postal order for €15.00, made payable to relevant County Council.
* Your Theory pass certificate.

Now that’s all out of the way and you’re the proud owner of your learner licence, which is only valid in Ireland.

3. Check out your local qualified RSA approved driving instructor

Remember it will be a criminal offence for a Driving Instructor from the 1st of August to teach for reward unless he is registered with the RSA. Registered instructors for your area can be found at or by using a search engine for driving schools.

Take the attitude that you are learning a LIFE SKILL and not just learning to drive to get that inconvenient piece of paper that says you can legally drive and get the cheapest car insurance!

Remember you only die once; you don’t get a second chance!

The RSA offers a booklet HELPING LEARNER DRIVERS TO DRIVE SAFELY. This can be either supplied free from the RSA or by most driving instructors. It is also stated by the Driving Standards Agency ( that research evidence has shown that Learner Drivers benefit from a mix of professional instruction and private practice. If you want to compliment the RSA booklet with a more comprehensive booklet Helping learners to Practise the official guide this can be obtained from

Find about 3 instructors and give them a call and ask them the following. Remember as a guide if you are 17 to 23 years of age you will require on average 10 to 15 lessons to pass you’re test. 24 years plus it can be up to 1 hour for each year of your age.

* What courses do they offer, for example intensive?
* Is there any literature support?
* Is your progress documented and can you take that the report away with you?
* Do they support a mix of professional instruction and private practice?
* Do they offer lessons where you can liaise with my private practice?
* Ask what the pass success rate is for the school, the National average is around 57.2%.
* Ask the cost of the lessons and what deals are available. The average is €35 per hour.
* Do they teach the course as a life skill, for example do they offer as part of the course national route driving, night driving, city driving, emergency stop and parallel parking?
* Do they offer support with applying for your driving test?
* Do they offer courses after you have passed your driving test?

Remember this is all about keeping you safe and alive on the road, don’t become a crash statistic. It is recommended that you apply for your driving test after consultation with your driving instructor. Be forthright with him and say “If you think I’m ready for my test, what guarantee will you give me?” If I fail a free pre-test next time!

4. Book your driving test

A person who is a first time holder of a learner permit, for a motorcycle, works vehicle or car (licence categories M, A1, A, W, B and EB) cannot take a driving test for a six month period after the commencement date of the Learner Permit.

If you are really committed to passing your test consult your driving instructor before applying

You can book your driving test by phone on Low call 1890 50 60 80 or on line.

Quote from RSA:
The RSA is warning learner drivers paying for driving lessons that there are new laws which were introduced recently to regulate driving instructors in Ireland.
These Regulations guarantee the quality and skills of those teaching new drivers across the country. It is a crucial building block in our work to make the roads safer. The quality of driving instruction in Ireland impacts directly on road safety and it is essential for a credible driving instruction industry that every instructor meets a minimum standard in terms of his/her ability to deliver instruction.

Since 1st May 2009 it has become an offence for an Instructor to give driving instruction to a learner driver for hire or reward unless the instructor is on the RSA register of approved driving instructors (ADI)