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Eucharia Doody
Eucharia Doody
21:58 10 Mar 24
Mike is a very thorough instructor, will go through everything you need, really helped me to pass my test, would recommend 100%, thanks Mike for all your help
Jack Meredith
Jack Meredith
21:33 08 Jul 23
Mike is a down to earth, honest and dedicated teacher. I really liked his no nonsence approach to learning to drive with understanding and clarity. If you appreciate frank and open driving lessons then Mike is the guy for you.
12:07 04 May 23
Mike is great!
Shell Doran
Shell Doran
19:11 22 Apr 23
Mike is absolutely FANTASTIC and in my opinion the BEST in the game. He took on what I thought was a hopeless case with my son as previous instructors had failed but not Mike. Mike was very certain from the first phone call that he was not only willing to take my son on, but that he was the man for the job and would have him driving very well. How true to his word he was. Each day I got excellent reports from my son, as I seen his confidence grow after being severely knocked prior. Mike is a gem. If you’re thinking of doing lessons… Mike is the instructor for you. He is highly qualified in his field. I’m only sorry we didn’t go with Mike from the start the first time round. Would have saved ourselves a lot of money and time. 5 ⭐️ for Mike all the way. Literally can not recommend him enough. Will be booking with Mike again for pretest lessons.
Brian Burke
Brian Burke
13:25 21 Apr 23
Mike is a good, patient teacher. I did 3 x 5 hour days and my driving improved massivley. Thanks Mike!
Ronan Whitty
Ronan Whitty
12:51 20 Apr 23
Highly recommended, 5 star service, Mike's intensive day lessons enabled me to very quickly build up my confidence and pass my test with confidence.
Andrew Warrington
Andrew Warrington
11:08 20 Apr 23
Very good well worth paying for this course
Enda Mac Nally
Enda Mac Nally
20:44 19 Apr 23
Great experience. Mike is patient, consistent and really knows his stuff. Very intuitive approach to teaching, and one which turns the challenge of learning to drive into a pleasure.

More Happy Drivers!

I failed my test 9 times between Tallaght and Rathgar test centres over the last 12 months. My best friend was taught by Mike and kept on insisting I go to him. So I gave up and went to him. I got the surprise of my life!! He taught me a totally different way. I was doing so many things wrong! So six hours, plus notes, diagrams and a DVD, plus Mike’s patient manner after three weeks took my test again and YEP I got it a FULL LICENCE and I going to drive drive drive all round Ireland YES!!!

I am very happy to have passed my driving test on the first try! Mike Watson, was very clear and direct with the critical information I needed know for driving in Ireland and to pass the driving test. His first-hand guidance encouraged my confidence and helped to reduce my anxiety for the test. Mike is a patient instructor, and worked around my schedule.


Mike, just wanted to say big thanks for all your help. I came to Mike very disappointed from my first driving instructor after taking 10 EDT lessons and not able to drive on my own. On my first day Mike made me confident that I can drive and we drive through O’Connell Street I couldn’t believe myself that I could handle the traffic so well. His comment on my driving was right on time allowing me to make my decisions on time. Driving through N7 was great experience it build up my confidence how to merge and exit from the traffic and I realise it is not a fantasy driving! You have to make your judgment right on time when traffic is flowing at 100 KMPH.

Thanks again Mike, Shelly

Primeiro eu gostaria de agradecer você por ter feito eu passar no meu teste prático de direção depois de apenas algumas aulas. Você me impressionou de varias formas com seu conhecimento e paciente. Eu recomendo ele fortemente para qualquer que queria ter aulas de forma profissional.  E fica a dica: faça o que ele falar!


“I had failed my driving test 6 years ago and hadn’t driven since. Mike made everything super straightforward and simple. I had 10 hours of lessons in the course of a month with Mike and passed my driving test in Rathgar with virtually no errors. I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Thanks again for all the help and patience


We came to Mike in desperation. My childminder was close to giving up the idea of ever driving after multiple driving lessons and failed tests. Mike’s approach was different to every single other instructor. He was able to appraise my childminders driving with a fresh eye before breaking down the bad habits and building up the good ones in a methodical way. His manner was calm but firm. My childminder said that his lessons were completely different to the many others she had ever had. Mike doesn’t just sit there and let you make the same mistakes again and again-he tackles issues head on.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to someone-especially if they have had problems with passing the test. He truly has the winning formula and is a credit to his profession.
Dr. Dee Walsh, GP

Testimonial: Dragon Driver – instructor Mike Watson
As a dual citizen that has lived in the US for the last 25 years, upon relocating again permanently to Ireland I realised I would have to obtain my Irish driving license.

As Ireland does not accept the transfer of US driving licenses, I was faced with starting as any brand-new driver would: taking the theory test, mandatory 12 hours of driver training lessons and a final road test.

I researched and called several driving schools in the area.  I settled on Dragon Driver for several reasons.  Mike Watson responded quickly to my initial quote request email, he quoted me an excellent price, he knew the test routes the examiners use like the back of his hand, and he was familiar with the unique challenges an American driver would face conforming to the Irish way of driving.

Included in the flat fee for the course, Mike helpfully provided diagrams and a video that really did help accelerate the transition.  He had a great deal of patience and understanding with the frustration that very experienced drivers (I’ve had my US license nearly 25 years!) can face when asked to perform tasks for the exam that we would never do in the US – such as reversing around a corner.  Not as easy as you would think!

I would highly recommend Mike Watson and Dragon Driver.  I passed my driving test the first time with flying colours thanks to his patient instruction!  More than any other driving school in the area Mike truly understands American drivers; what we need to know in order to drive safely on these Irish roads, and how to deal with our “but I already know how to drive” egos!  He even taught this old dog quite a few new tricks I never knew, and even gave me pointers on eco driving (very worth it with the price of petrol!).

Sign up for the EDT course with Mike Watson.  You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll definitely have all the tools needed to pass your test the first time!


Passed the first time!!!! Mike is a great instructor!!! Many thanks Mike for your patience! Jenny

Mike, Thanks again for all your help. I can’t say how relieved I am to have that over with. Thank God I switched from my first instructor to you. I love your no bullshit approach and high standards. It meant I was on my best behaviour for the test.If you want to use the following for your website or wherever go ahead:”I found driving lessons with my instructor were progressing too slow. I decided to make a change and found Mike online. I couldn’t be happier with the training I got from him. There was no messing around, straight down to business and he gave me the confidence to get driving safely straight away. 6 months ago I had driven a car once in my life and yesterday I passed my test. I’m very grateful to Mike for all his help. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Mike!” John

I moved to Mike after getting some lessons from another company that were charging more for an inferior service. After 3 lessons with Mike the week of my test I felt much more confident
and capable. I drove exactly like Mike had instructed me, and today I passed my test! His notes and DVD are so helpful and I’m recommending him to everyone I know that is doing lessons. Thanks Mike 🙂 Amy

My confidence was so low and I never believed that I was good enough to pass the test. I was so insecure, it took me 18 months to re-apply for the test, after I had failed it for the first time. I made sure I drove exactly the way Mike instructed me to and I passed today! The notes and dvd tutorial are brilliant and it meant that I could practice exactly the way I was supposed to drive when on my own time. Mike you are my saviour!! Thank you so much…Lorraine

I failed my driving test three years ago, it knocked my confidence and I hadn’t driven since. I started lessons with another company but was not happy with their method of training or their price. With one week to my driving test I contacted Mike at Dragon Driver and I had two intense 3 hour sessions with him. I passed my test with only two grade two’s and I didn’t even have my own car to practice in! It was all from those two sessions with Mike. Also used the Dragon Driver car for my test and it did a great job. A great achievement that I owe to Mike and his instruction. His no nonsense approach, theory and practical training was excellent.

Paul, Airline Crew

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Dragon Drivers second deaf learner to pass first time. Elizabeth is the second deaf learner to sign up with Dragon Driver for lessons Mike Watson

Mike is good teacher because he have a great patience with me and can communicate with me regardless my deafness and my first language is Irish Sign Language (ISL).
Thank you for everything, I am truly grateful for all his patience with me through few lessons and I’m so delighted to have passed my test , all thanks to him for making it happen. I would recommended him to any deaf people who wants to learn drive. Thank You Mike 🙂 Elizabeth

Mike was a fantastic driving instructor. I had been driving on an American licence for many years and needed to get an Irish one quickly having moved here recently. He made the whole process very hassle-free and I managed to pass my test within a few weeks! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing to pass their test first time,Alexander H. – Commercial Pilot

Mike, I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me. I never imagined that I would even attempt my driving test, never mind pass it first time! Mike always made me feel at ease, which is not an easy thing to do when I was such a nervous driver! Mike helped me build up my confidence, and before I knew it, I was actually enjoying driving (well some of the time!). Thanks a million Mike, you have changed my life!

Mike is the best driving instructor in the world,believe me.I have been driving for 6 years in my country but unfortunately I ve adopted a lot of bad habits.But with only six lesson The famous Mr Mike have make me a competent driver and I passed my driving test in Rathgar.Mike is very patient and professional in his teachings.God bless you Mike.
Venisen C

I was taught to drive by my parents, obviously picking up a lot of bad habits. 3 weeks to my driving test I thought I had better get some lessons and got Mike. Phew did he teach me a lot in that first hour! But totally worth it, as 3 weeks later, I passed my test first time, and it was all down to Mike’s teaching! Instead of teaching only in aim of passing the driving test, he taught me to a better, safer and more confident driver which consequently allowed me to pass my test with no qualms! I cannot thank him enough! Kate L.

Having failed my driving test a number of times with several different driving schools I was beginning to think that I was never going to get my drivers licence. Lessons with Mike really turned things around for me. His notes and advice helped me understand all the ways in which I had been incorrectly taught. He was clear, patient and encouraging. Today I passed my driving test and this is all down to having found a really excellent driving instructor. I can’t thank Mike enough for having made me a safe and confident driver.Clare M.

mike is a great driving instructor, very patient and capable in the way he handles situations, in the first hour he assessed were i was going wrong and told my how many more lessons i would need to break down the bad habits i had gains during the years of driving.i did four lessons with him and passed my exams today after 3 fails. great job mike, your a star!OEM.

Mike knows his stuff. His quality of teaching is excellent. I learn’t more in the first hour with him than ever before. The notes are great as they are a good recap. The video is clear and understanding so I am always on top before I start my next lesson. A great way to budget as I know I will have learn’t to the required standard and can practice knowing I am doing it correctly in my car as I have the notes and video to refer to, plus I can call Mike if I need to refer to anything.Dave R.

Comment: Congralulations to Marie for passing first time. This is fantastic as Marie is Dragon Drivers first Deaf Student.

Michael is good teacher because he got a very good deaf awareness; huge patience for me and can communicate with me regardless my deafness and my first language is Irish sign language. Thank you for everything, I am truly grateful. I am hoping to pass soon as possible!
Marie O’Kelly

Mike is a great instructor. I had a great time doing the lessons and was able to take everything in. It really helped me pass my test. i just started driving last November and because of his patience, i was able to learn everything just in time for my test last February. Once again, Thanks a million!!!

I think Dragon Driving School is very good and very helpful and Michael is well recommended. He is a great instructor and has a great way of teaching.

I found Dragon Driver Training on the RSA website, completely by chance. Having driven for 2 years beforehand and having had 25+ hours of lessons, I couldn’t understand why I had failed my driving test TWICE. 15 minutes in the car with Mike and I knew exactly why I had failed and that I was not the safe driver I was led to believe. Just looking at the facts, anyone with as many lessons completed with the most “prestgious” driving school around, should NOT have failed the test. I had spent my money on 25 + hours of having bad habits, confusion and frustration drilled into my mind. 5 hours of tuition and the supportive notes I was given free of charge allowed me to pass my driving test. I cannot fault this guys tuition! I have a problem with taking things in while i’m driving and with the help of the notes & diagrams to reinforce it, I felt ready for the test in a way I never had before. I can’t describe what peace of mind it is to feel ready for your test rather than dreading it!
Aifric C

Mike does a grand job. I’m not very good at listening, but I enjoy reading. So Mike centred my lessons around notes and a videos that he took of my driving in the car. Wow did I learn fast. Mike likes to move his pupils on FAST, at a pace that they understand. I did only 10 hours with Mike and 2 pretests and got through first time with 6 grade 2s! Not bad for a 40 year old who did not know where the clutch was and used my left foot to brake with!!
John R

Hi Mike, Dave just want to say thanks for your expert skills and the Video Camera System. It was great. I could actual take away the lesson with me and listen your comments. This was a great help. To expect someone to pass their test first time in 6 hours of tution, plus the support of accompanied driver. My Dad was well pleased with the support lesson you gave him! Well thats me passed first time and I’ve got a video DVD to show my mates how I learnt to drive.
Dave B

This guy is brilliant. I’ve been driving for 6 years and have also passed my Motorcycle Test. He took me out for 30 minutes and assessed me. Said I needed 1 hour of theory and then he proceeded to go through the theory giving me drawings and written instructions. I spent with him one hour and half and he charged me 55 quid. He said as long as I did what he told me there would be no problem with me passing my test. Yep I passed with 2 grade 2s on the clutch, which he said was my worst habitual problem.
Nancy A

Mike is a really good instructor, a qualified Approved Driving Instructor in the UK, teaching in Dublin. He teaches by demonstration or prompting. I took 2 hours with him and passed my test. He wrote down all he taught me and I revised it. Took my test and Passed! I have asked him now to teach me Pass Plus, so I can learn advanced techniques on Motorway Driving, in city driving and country lanes.
Mary O

I suffer from my nerves. I always get high grades in theory tests, but terrible marks in practical assessments. Anyway Mike has been trained to deal with nervous drivers. He has the patience, because I pulled out on a busy junction in front of car, even though Mike told me the bench mark, I then proceeded to do a right turn driving on the left hand side of the road. All Mike did was guided me and corrected very quickly. Then told me to pull the car over, turn the engine off and take some deep breaths and asked me to explain what I done. The he talked me through how I should of done it. Mike is very very patient and tends to laugh it off.
Dave R