Roadworthy Irish Vehicles: During 2009 RSA Vehicle Inspectors participated in 299 roadside roadworthiness checkpoints and checked 2,585 HGV’s. Of these 44% of the vehicles were defective. Those most common defects were 21% lighting and marking defects, 17% were braking defects and 12 % had wheels or tyre defects.

Work related road collisions from RSA data 1996-2010. In the three categories

  • Cars there were 4413 Fatal collisions, 14638 Serious collisions and 99062 Minor collisions
  • Vans there were 511  Fatal collisions, 1513 Serious collisions and 9492 Minor collisions
  • Trucks there were 846 Fatal collisions, 1563 Serious collisions and 6284 Minor collisions

Vehicle related injuries at work

  • People being struck by vehicles
  • Road collisions
  • People falling from vehicles
  • Vehicle impact and overturning
  • Loads falling from vehicles

Size of the problem

  • 42% of all reported workplace deaths involve a vehicle
  • 226 out 510 vehicle deaths between 2003-2011 were work related
  • One-third  of all road collisions involve a vehicle used for work

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