Support for

Safer driving for work
The Vehicle-The Driver –The Journey

Driver Management
Fitness to drive-Health-Fatigue-Intoxicants-Medicines
Managing Speed
Managing Distraction
Use of Safety Equipment

The Driver Handbook
Resources for Drivers: Before you get in the vehicle, safer journey planning, and fitness to drive. In the vehicle, pre-drive vehicle checks, using your own car, secure loads. While driving, good driving, safe speed, distractions, motorway driving, driving at night, poor weather, personal safety. Accidents, breakdowns and emergencies.

The Driver Handbook covers Main Risks, Helps understanding of risk, Legal Duties, Safety tips, Enables safer choices, Leads to safer driver behaviour

At Work Pedestrians
, working on or near the road………
Surveying, Delivering, Road works, Vehicle recovery, Health workers, Social services, Enforcement, Emergency workers, Maintenance, Utilities………

Vulnerable Road Users