Prices & Services

Intensive Driving Courses

  • 1 Hour Lesson- Manual-€50 Automatic-€50
  • 3 Hour Special Pre Test Package with DVD – Manual-€180 Automatic-€180
  • 3 x 2 Hours with DVD -Manual-€240 Automatic-€240
  • 5 x 2 Hours with DVD – Manual-€400 Automatic-€400
  • 15 Hour course with DVD and 15 pages of notes with diagrams – Manual €590 Automatic-€590
  • 15 Hour with EDT course with DVD and 15 pages of notes with diagrams – Manual €675 Automatic-€675

Intensive One Day, Two Day, Three Day and Four Day Courses Prices on Application, as tailored to Learners particular needs.

Tailored Courses

All courses can be tailored to 1, 1.5 or 2 hour lessons to suit the students take up of the programme, except the 3 Hour Special Pre Test Package with DVD, which is preparation course for test. The 1 hour lesson is supported with an initial teaching aid.

Dragon Driver sole intention is to get you through your driving test in the safest possible time. We are only interested in results and success for our students. So Intensive lessons will be demanding on both the student and the instructor, as little room is given for mistakes. There is great focus on high standards. All courses can be tailored to 1, 1.5 or 2 hour lessons to suit the students take up of the programme.

Dragon Driver specialises in intensive driving courses. The Intensive Course focuses on pin-pointing the requirements of the test, particularly observation and hazard perception.

These lessons are particularly good for experienced drivers or those committed to passing their test quickly. In addition to the teaching aids supplied, students receive extra visual aids, and a free DVD Visual Guide to passing your test.

1 Week Intensive Course

5 hours of lessons per day for 6 days consisting of 2 hour lessons with half hour breaks or 5 hours of lessons per day with 2 Hours and 1.5 Hours with half hour breaks. 1 Week Courses comes with €300 deposit to secure dates, if after the first day you find it’s not for you then no obligation to continue.

3 Day Intensive EDT Course with 3 hours of Life Skill Analysis

This course meets the strict rules of the RSA so that Dragon Driver offers an additional 3 hours of life skill analysis with this course. Once the learner has completed the 12 lessons on the 3rd day 3 hours are spent with the learner who will be asked to independently drive with some commentary to the instructor over a course which includes test routes and national routes. The independent drive will allow the instructor to assess the skill level and ability of the learner to cope with normal everyday driving. If is found that the learner is having difficulty with such and intensive course the additional 3 hours will be offered as additional tuition lessons towards the EDT Programme.

The Dragon Premium Service

We refund your test fee until you pass for 2 attempts.

The Advanced Drivers Course – After The Test

Advanced lessons for drivers who have passed their test. Topics covered include bad weather driving, rural and urban driving, night driving, dual carriageways and motorways.

Approved Driving Instructor Lessons

For an average student who is prepared to study and do the necessary practice in their own time, the course should take approximately 30 hours on a one-to-one basis to cover Part 2 and Part 3. Dragon Driver can arrange a discounted wholesale rate on course books for students if required.

Duty of Care/Fleet Training

There are three types of law that apply to driving for work in Ireland:

  • Road traffic Law
  • Health and safety law
  • EU rules on driver time

You must be complaint if your business fits into one of the following categories

  • Your employees drive company vehicles
  • Your employees have cash allowances for vehicles
  • Your employees use their own vehicles for business purposes
  • You have sub-contractors representing your company on business

All Companies must complete a yearly Corporate Risk Assessment to ensure they are compliant with all the Occupational Road Risk legislation.

Car at high speed gives way to ambulance road. Warning - authentic shooting there is a motion blur.

All lessons are of the highest quality and there are no hidden terms and conditions to any of the offers shown on the site. Lessons can be tailored to 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours after discussion with the instructor. Your charge time starts for the lesson when the instructor arrives at the agreed collection point at the commencement of the agreed time of the appointment or when you are sitting in the car, if earlier than the agreed time. You are not charged additional time if the instructor returns you to the agreed drop off point later than agreed time. Under no circumstances will Dragon School of Motoring charge for travel time of the instructor to the collection point! 24 hours notice must be given for cancellations as a 45 will be charged.