Learn to Drive in a Week/Specialised Course for *Nervous Drivers

Our one week intensive driving courses for both manual and automatic cars are now available in our shop. Click here to buy or call 086 825 6913 for more information.

Why will a whole week’s intensive course work so well?

Learning to drive taking only 1 or 2 hours of tuition a week will never be enough practice time for most learners to make real progress. Particularly as most learners will take up to 40 lessons and at least fail their tests 3 to 4 times, due to irregular teaching and possibly using different instructors.

On average learner drivers on an hourly tuition basis will take anything up to 14 months to achieve the driving test standard. Look back at your friends and family who taken their test and ask.

Why will a whole week’s intensive course work so well for a *Nervous Driver?

Learning to drive can be stressful at the best of times, particularly if there are long gaps between lessons and lessons drag on. Due to repeated requests and nervous drivers taking the Learn to Drive in a Week course Dragon Driver has now adapted the course to encompass nervous drivers. Particularly spending more time in the areas of great difficulty. The course has been adapted to be paced at the speed at which the individual can cope with and accept. So if at the end of the week as long as the individual is happy with their progress, the guarantees of the course will be offered with no time limit on them taking the test, as long as they meet the standards required by the RSA testers through continued practice with any elected driving teacher/instructor of their choice.  At the beginning of the course learners can move between manual and automatic cars if they so wish. (They will be charged proportionately if the second vehicle of choice is used more than 3 hours due to the higher petrol consumption of the automatic). * (Nervous drivers, this means everyday general nervous. It does not include where the learner has been involved in/ closely effected by near death road accidents or traumatised road accidents/incidents. They may relate to/involve PTSD.  These types of incident need specialist training with the aid of a counsellor and are covered separately under www.dutyofcare.ie  Dragon Driver Training and not covered by Dragon Driver School of Motoring)  It would be useful to note that anyone learning to drive that is over 23+ years old. It is recommend that they take at least a minimum of 1 hour of lessons for every year of their life (Source: D.V.S.A (UK)) Dragon Driver suggests anyone over the age of 24 years should opt for the automatic, as it basically can take up to 6 hours to get use to gears, clutch, brake, and appropriate speed for appropriate gear. In normal circumstances gears, clutch and brake can be learnt within 1 hour through the specialised teaching techniques adapted from Garda/Police driver training, which are taught to most DVSA driving instructors before they qualify.

Will the week’s intensive course be right for you?

For most people who want to learn quickly the answer is yes. At the end of your first day because you will be taking in and learning a number of diagrams, written notes plus applying the correct way you need to develop your driving skills. You will be tired the first day. However as each day unfolds you will find that you will feel more confident and learning becomes quicker and easier. Remember that intensive courses are proven to be the fastest way for learners of all ages when learning to drive but are not common in Ireland. Yet Garda drivers, the Armed Forces, LGV drivers, Bus drivers and even Driving Testers are and are being continued to be trained in this way.

Learning with an intensive driving course means that your training will be over a five day week of 6/5 hours per day with 1 x 45 minute and  2 x 15 minute breaks and not over not many months. You are with one instructor who is a highly skilled Fleet Driver Trainer who not only specialises in teaching learners but is also specialised in teaching company fleet drivers to improve their daily skills in driving. Your trainer is registered both in Ireland and the UK as an Approved Driving Instructor and in the UK as a Fleet Driver Trainer.

Every day you will be assessed as you progress through the day and this will be documented on a  Student Check List at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week with a simple assessment level to guide you through the course.

Everything you learn will stay fresh in your mind encouraging a new confidence in your driving to grow and develop you into a safe, skilful and defensive driver.

Nature of the course.
As said before the course has now been encompassed to cater for nervous drivers as well as Learn to Drive In A Week. The course will now cover approximately 600 miles/840 kilometres of all types of road ranging the small roads in Phoenix park, to built up area roads of the elected Dublin test routes, to the N81 country road Dublin to Tullow and return. Also the N7 Dublin to Naas return (the nearest busiest road to Motorway in Ireland). The mileage/kilometres will be commited to even through continued repetition in the case of extremely nervous learner drivers who can not commit to the long drive runs which greatly enhance hazard awareness, anticipation and what if scenarios.

Types of courses

One to One Course
Dragon Driver tuition is all on one learner driver to one instructor basis.
This is mostly preferred by most learners when learning to drive.

Shared Tuition Course
Shared tuition courses are where two or three learners are trained in the car together Dragon Driver will only recommend shared tuition course for friends or family members, who want to take a shared tuition course. Please call for details.

What will the course cover and what learning materials will be supplied?

Topics covered in the course include

  • Cockpit drill
  • Controls of vehicle
  • Anticipating actions of others
  • Taking appropriate preventative and corrective action where necessary
  • Moving off, stopping and road position
  • Reversing and Left Reverse around a corner
  • Turnabout, also known as the three point turn
  • Approaching road junctions to turn left and right
  • Approaching roundabouts
  • Emerging at road junctions and roundabouts
  • Progression
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Dealing with crossroads
  • Use of mirrors and giving all types of signals
  • Meeting, overtaking and clearance of all other road users
  • Judgement of speed
  • Driving at night
  • Stopping distances in different weather conditions
  • Commentary Driving

Learning Materials.

  • 33 pages of written notes with colour diagrams, plus questions and answers.
  • 47 minute intensive DVD on Learning to Drive, which will take up to 3 hours to learn
  • Student Check List with assessment level
  • Recap colour diagrams and notes on full course.

Course Times.
Times can start from anytime between 6am to 1pm. Courses are run Monday to Friday only. On request this course can be spread over six days to include Saturday so 6 x 5 hour sessions.

Course Fees.
6/5 hours of lessons per day or 5/6 days consisting of 2 hour lessons with 1 x 45 minute and 2 x 15 minute breaks. Unless spread over 6 days then as the 25 hour course.

30 Hour Manual Car €1875     Buy Now!
30 Hour Automatic Car €1875 Buy Now!

Courses must be prepaid after deposit used on first day.
All courses take place in Dublin commence in Phoenix Park, and then go on road for local road, built up area including N81, N7, etc National route training. The course is then completed on Tallaght, Finglas, Charlestown, Deansgrange/Dún Laoghaire test centres of the learner’s choice.

EDT can be done with this course and standards are above those requested by the EDT course and driving as a life skill is developed.