Driving Instructor Course


Approved Driving Instructor lessons are €70 an hour.

For an average student who is prepared to study and do the necessary practice in their own time, the total course should take approximately or less than 30 hours on a one-to-one basis for Part 2 and Part 3. There will never be more than one to one tuition at all times.

All books and literature support are sourced by the student. Dragon Driver can arrange a discounted wholesale rate on course books for students if required.

The costs directly from the supplier should be approximately €350

RSA Fees

  • Stage 1 (Theory test) €150
  • Stage 2 (Driving test) €200
  • Stage 3 (Instruction ability test) €200
  • Trainee License €100
  • Registration/Renewal €250

RSA fees are not covered by the Dragon Driver fees which are based on 30 hours are €1,650 or less if the student comes up to standard quickly. Your budget for total costs which includes RSA Fees and Dragon Driver Fees  as above of at least €3,000 which includes Trainee Licence (€100), if required.