Guide to preparing your car for the driving test.

By , January 22, 2010 7:21 PM

Before your test check

  • The tax disc is in date and that the registration is correct.
  • You have a current insurance disc, with a valid date and check the registration number!
  • Your car has a valid NCT certificate, if it is over 4 years old.
  • That your tyres have at least 1.6mm of depth over the main tread area. This is well over three quarters of the tyre width.
  • That the tyre walls have no cuts, bulges, or cracks in them.
  • That all your lights are working.
  • Your wash-wipe tank is full and all wipers are working and are not worn.
  • All your mirrors, both the inside and outside are clean. They must not be badly scratched, cracked or broken to impair vision.
  • That all the warning lights in the car are working correctly. The test may be terminated if a warning light is on permanently.
  • The seat belts are working correctly and show no signs of wear and tear. Particularly fraying.
  • The brake fluid is at the correct level.
  • The power steering fluid is at the correct level, unless you have EPS.
  • The coolant is at the correct level.
  • The oil is at the correct level.
  • That all switches are working correctly.

This list is only a guide, if in doubt get an experienced mechanic or a local garage to inspect your car.